Functions of Tera P90

Functions of Tera P90 – The THz Tera P90 uses the principles of resonance between terahertz waves and human cells at the same frequency to release precise terahertz waves ( 8 – 1000 um ). Like a charger for human cells , it starts from the soles of the feet and spreads all over the body , replenishes biological energy , and allows the body to ” cleanse” from the inside out.


Functions of Tera P90

Olylife Tera-P90

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Functions of Tera P90

Benefits of Olylife Tera P90

Activate Cells

Improve Microcirculation

Improve Vitality

Dredges The Meridians

Expels Cold And Dampness

Product Advantages

Safe And Non-Invasive

It is a type of physical therapy. Magnetic therapy has no side effects, is healthy and comfortable, just like having a biological SPA. It is easy for everyone to accept and persist.

Simultaneous Improvement of Multiple Symptoms

By activating cells to promote the microcirculation of the body, it improves the root cause of sub-health problems, and various discomfort symptoms.

Simple Operation

One-button operation, multiple channels, intelligent adjustment, can be used at home and office.

Family Sharing

One instrument, shared by many people, low cost, high benefit, the choice for the whole family.

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