Pulse Electromagnetic Field – PEMF

Pulse Electromagnetic Field – PEMF


Pulse Electromagnetic Field – PEMF ( Human Cell Charger )

Pulsed Magnetoelectric Field PEMF

PEMF applies the principle of resonance between terahertz waves and human cells at the same frequency, which can activate cells, improve microcirculation, and help the body restore health from the root. At present , it has been widely used all over the world, not only for the auxiliary treatment of various clinical diseases, such as diabetes, cartilage regeneration, osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory pain relief, Parkinson’s disease, but also widely used by professional athletes to increase endurance , restore physical fitness and improve speed and others, and widely used by health enthusiasts for daily health care.

Pulse Magnetoelectric Technology Principle

PEMF Tera P90

Pulsed Magnetoelectric Therapy is a physical treatment method that stimulates the earth’s natural magnetoelectric pulse to improve the body’s metabolism. There exist an exchange of pulsed magnetoelectric energy between living cells in our body. For example , an electroencephalogram can measure the pulsed magnetoelectric of the brain and an electrocardiogram can measure the pulsed magnetoelectric of the hearth. Another example is the use of an electrical defibrillator to restore the heart when it stops beating.

Pulse Magnetoelectric Technology Principle

Pulsed Magnetoelectric Field PEMF

According to the book ” PEMF , The Fifth Element of Health ” written by Dr. Bryant Meyers from the United States , the pulse energy emitted by the human body is about 3-5 times per minute during our youth. This energy can improve blood circulation and provide fresh blood to all parts of our body. This is critical because our heart cannot provide enough pressure to transmit blood to all parts of our body. With age, the number of pulse energy emitted by the human body decreases to about 1 time per minute, while the body of a diabetic patient is about 1 time per 10 minutes, which is why vascular complications such as heart disease, diabetes foot, and diabetic nephropathy often affect diabetic patients. These complications are also the leading cause of death and disability in diabetes. The pulsed magnetoelectric is like a charger, helping the body to obtain energy.

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