Tera P90 Benefits

Tera P90 Benefits


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The Fifth Element – Geomagnetism

Five longevity villages recognized in the world :

Bama Guanxi, China

Hotan Xinjiang, China

Caucasus Region in Armenia

Hunza Valley in Pakistan

Vilcabamba in Ecuador

After years of research by Scientists, they found that they have one thing in common:

The strength of the geomagnetic field exceed other areas of the world.

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Uncover the Fifth Element of Life – Magnetic Field

Did you know that life on Earth happened when its magnetic field was formed and increased ? The magnetic field creates a colossal magnetosphere that protects the earth from the invasion of the outside world. Only by living in a healthy magnetic field good health and continuation of life are quaranteed.

Therefore , like sunlight , air , water , and nutrition , geomagnetism is the fifth element for life form to survive.

The World’s First Person in Space – The Story of Gagarin

Shortly after Gagarin returned to earth from space, he developed symptoms such as dizziness , headache , insomnia and fatigue , unstable blood pressure , dermatitis , joint pain , emotional irritability , endocrine disorders , and memory loss. Doctors could not find out the specific cause.

After repeated argument , the scientists concluded that when the human body entered space , it was far away from the earth’s magnetic field , and the body experienced “magnetic starvation” which made Gagarin suffer from a short-term “magnetic deficiency syndrome”

Tera P90 Benefits

Human health goes Hand in Hand with the Care of Geomagnetism. Unfortunately , modern people are seriously lacking in the magnetic field !

  • In the past 4000 years , the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by almost 80% . Not only that , but due to ecological reasons such as the shortening of the poles , the elongation of the equator , the melting of glaciers , and rising sea levels , our connection to the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.
  • The Lifestyle of Modern People is almost Disconnected from Geomagnetism.
  • We spend almost all of our lives in reinforced concreate buildings or vehicles made of steel and these materials have the function of absorbing and shielding magnetic force. Wires and cables like cobwebs and crisscrossed pipes are blocking the flow of nature’s magnetism. People seldom go to nature for activities , and thus difficult to obtain sufficient natural geomagnetism.

Magnetic Therapy – PEMF Therapy

To counter the gradual weakening of the earth’s magnetic force , the application of Magnetic Therapy can be used to properly compensate for and reduce the impact of the environment on the human body.

Benefits and Functions of Olylife Tera-P90

Benefits of Tera P90

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Benefits of Tera P90

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