Olylife Tera P90 – Distributor Bundle

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Olylife Tera P90 – Terahertz Electro Magnetic Field Health Device

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Olylife Tera P90

Distributor Bundle – 3 Sets

Business opportunity for those who are interested in making it as a business. Registration as an Olylife Member / Distributor and you may earn attractive Cash Bonuses.

Note : Device is 230 Volts Power Supply.

You need a step down transformer ( Available at )  if your country is  using 110 Volts

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Olylife Tera P90

Tera P90 PEMF Device

Olylife Tera P90

Olylife Tera P90 PEMF Device


p90 Thz

  • PEMF + THz
  • Activate – cells, energy
  • Promotes – microcirculation and metabolism
  • Dredges – meridians
  • Remove – cold & dampness, waste from the body
  • Burns – Fat and Sculpting
  • Relief – Inflammation, Pain, Fatigue
  • Allows the body to “cleanse” from the inside out.

Product Features

  • 1 MHz electromagnetic energy
  • Bio-imitation magnetic energy
  • Potent effect
  • Safe and secured

We are looking for Representatives in any other Countries. Attractive Bonuses. Training Provided. Contact for more information.

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