Tera P90 Operating Procedure

Tera P90 Operating Procedure

  • Drink a glass of warm water before using P90.
  • Avoid direct fan or air conditioner blowing while using P90.
  • Avoid metal contact with any part of your body , hands or legs during therapy.
  • Ensure no usage or mobile phones or other electrical devices during therapy.
  • For first time users it is advisable to adjust the strength to below 5. You may adjust accordingly after a few sessions, depending on your health condition and body reaction.
  • Drink another glass of warm water after P90 therapy.
  • Rest at least for 1 hour before taking shower. And also avoid direct fan or air conditioner blowing immediately after using P90.
  • One session of P90 therapy is automatically set to 30 minutes by default. You may end the session anytime earlier before that. Let your body adjust accordingly based on your health condition. Starting with strength 1 – 2 and ending in 10 – 20 minutes is good practice for first time users.
  • Start with 1 session per day for the first week.
  • On the second week you may do 2 therapy per day. Ensure there is a rest period of at least 4 – 6 hours between each therapy. Limit to maximum only 2 treatment per day.
  • It is good practice to do treatment with higher strength in the morning ( say 4 – 5 ) and reduce to a lower strength ( say 2 – 3 ) in the evening. This is to tone down your body before sleep

Tera P90 Operating Procedure

Tera P90 Operating Procedure

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